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Hot Slimming Waist Shaper





  • This Hot Slimming Waist Shaper shirt increases thermal activity and stimulates perspiration, accelerating the process of burning abdominal fat to shape the waist and abdomen.

  • This shaper is the best fitness equipment and perfect for all types of gym exercises and normal daily routine, it offers firm posture and powerful back support. 

  • This neoprene T-shirt can maximize the effectiveness of your workout, accelerate calorie burning and help you achieve the result of weight loss faster and easier.

  • Neoprene, polyester. High quality lingerie will make you feel soft and comfortable to wear. The neoprene has some material smell, it is quite normal and would have disappeared after a few washes.

  • Simple fashionable design, lightweight, easy to pair with any pair of trousers. Offers the slimming shape of the body curve.

  • The soft material offers a pleasant wearing comfort and a good fit. The high-quality mixed fabric, mainly made of polyester and neoprene, not only ensures optimum shaping effects, but also an all-round good and pleasant feeling when wearing.

  • Compared to other traditional corsages, it's the chest free. So there is no flat breasts, and can wear any neckline. This waist corset has integrated steel spiral forming bars for a perfect fit.

  • Undercuts corsage & waist bodice. It can greatly improve your posture and get you back into shape after pregnancy. This model combines excellent quality and best workmanship with classic timeless elegance and an absolutely fair price-performance ratio.