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Waterproof Natural Eyebrow Pen




  • Mild Formula: Gentle formula is ideal for most skin types and is gentle and healthy on the skin. Waterproof, sweat-resistant, undyed, long-lasting. Smooth, fluent, easy to draw delicate fine lines, color uniformity.

  • Rare Eyebrow People: The 4-point eyebrow pen you should have was developed to help you create perfect and natural eyebrows. Your eyebrows look richer, more sophisticated, and clearer.

  • How to use: From as close as possible to the eyelashes, draw a line from the inner corner of the eyelid and proceed toward the outer corner. For a more dramatic look, create widths in the outer corners. Be sure to attach the eyeliner cap after use.

  • Ease of use: Easy to apply, so beginners to professionals alike. The eyebrow pen slides evenly and provides a beautiful color that lasts all day.

  • Ordinary person's eyebrows: Use a pen to outline the eyebrows and keep the color uniform along with the shape of the forehead; you draw the last step to create a bright and natural eyebrow.

  • Waterproof & easy to wipe: The liquid of the method eyebrow pencil is waterproof and easy to rub off. Do not rub your eyebrows too hard.